Unleashed is suited for the bold and adventurous woman who stops at nothing and is comfortable stopping traffic with this sultry style lash. This design complements those with narrow or natural Cat shaped eyes. The longest length lashes are located at the outer corners to enhance your eyes for a flirty look.

This name is inspired by:

Katherine Switzer (UNLEASHED)

➢ On April 19, 1967, Katherine became the first woman registrant to compete in the world’s oldest annual marathon, the Boston Marathon. Since women were not allowed to run in this race, an official attempted to stop her. Despite the interference, she completed the race in 4:20, making history.

Empowered by the incident, Katherine began a campaign for sports equality for women. Five years later women were officially granted entrance to the Boston Marathon.

➢ She went on to compete in 41 marathons and won the New York City Marathon in 1974. She then created the Avon International Running Circuit of women’s-only races in 27 countries. Since 1978, over a million women have participated.

➢ Interest in women’s running gained significant momentum due to Katherine’s efforts, the International Olympic Committee decided to include a women’s marathon for the first time in the 1984 Olympic Games.

In 2015, she launched 261 Fearless, an initiative that uses running to empower women.


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