The Lip Gallery

Welcome to The Lip Gallery by The Lash Gallery! We currently have 11 different colors available ranging from clear, neutral, and bolder tones. Specially formulated for those with sensitive skin, The Lip Gallery products aim to enhance and simplify your beauty regimen. These full coverage mineral lip stains have anti-aging properties that bring color and moisture to the lips for up to 24 hours. Each product is paraben free, cruelty free, and hypoallergenic, making it perfect for all skin types. Our products contain Vitamin E to ensure protection against any free radicals and moisture loss. With a range of colors fit for all skin tones and types, The Lip Gallery has got you covered for any occasion.

The Lip Gallery Names & Color Descriptions:

JULIEWarm peach nude
CHARLEERAYEClear for shine
POWERSWarm Copper with light metallic finish
DANIELSCool deep red
DEMIBurnt orange and blush pink mix
GOIWarm beige
JUST ACool apple red
JORDYNPink natural beige
BVILMauve with light metallic finish
WANGLight peachy nude