Fearless is suited for those who want to go a little beyond her natural look. This wispy design looks best on those with a natural eye shape that is downward and Round. It has a slightly heavy volume base with alternate short and Long Wispy lashes, giving your eyes a soft and fluffy lift.

This name is inspired by:

Allyson Felix (FEARLESS)

➢ In 2016 Allyson was known as one of the best sprinters in the world and by then was the most decorated track and Field stars in U.S. Olympic history. All total, she held 11 Olympic medals.

➢ She had a 7-year sponsor relationship with Nike that ended in December 2017 and began negotiations for a renewal contract with them. By May 2018, Allyson was pregnant and gave birth to her daughter on November 28th. When it came time to renew her contract, the offer made by Nike provided for a 70% pay cut, due to their concerns related to her running as much or as fast during her pregnancy recuperation period.

➢ Disappointed by Nike’s lack of support for women athletes that chose motherhood, Allyson decided to use her voice to bring about change. In May 2019, she published an op-ed piece in the New York Times and publicly revealed Nike’s practice of cutting pay to mothers. Prior to the release of her editorial, women athletes Alysia Montaño and Kara Goucher, had also publicly denounced Nike’s practice of cutting pay to mothers.  After she came forward, Nike updated its maternity policies to safeuard athletes’ pay for 18 months surrounding childbirth.

➢ On August 12, 2019 Nike released an email signed by John Slusher, Executive Vice President of Global Sports Marketing for Nike, in which he announced the inclusion of a maternal protection clause in its contract with women athletes. By standing together, Allyson and her fellow athletes brought an end to a practice that penalized female athletes. They leveraged their collective power to bring about change.


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