Xio Davila

Rochelle and her staff have been so amazing! I was getting eyelash extensions at random salons where my extensions were a one size fits all approach basically. I eventually became allergic to one of the products in the process and had given up until I discovered The Lash Gallery. I wanted to give it one more try and explained my concerns. Rochelle worked patiently with me for a few months until we discovered a solution that worked for me and my complex and mysterious allergy. ( I was determined to understand what I was allergic to) Took some trial and error but she was patient and attentive with me during and post application. Happy to report we found the issue, found a solution and I can’t imagine many other people that would do the same. (As I was turned away from other salons or had an at your own risk policy) I also love that each client has a “formula” so to speak based on eye shape, natural lash line and personal preference. She takes thorough notes each time! I didn’t realize other salons just have one approach and no true customization to you individually until I met Rochelle and her staff. The warm bed is also an easy nap making the process feel much quicker. Nothing like it, I can’t recommend her and Sarah enough!