Rochelle-R. E. Magno, the Queen of Eyelashes

By Seth Goldstein

In 2011, Rochelle-R. E. Magno established ‘The Lash Gallery‘ a boutique salon offering personalized beauty treatments.  In just 8 years, through perseverance and hard work, she now has three locations.  Her VIP clients include radio personality Angela Yee and hip-hop legend Roxanne Shante.  Allow NYNJ to show you how she followed her passion, overcame obstacles and built up her brand.

Before starting her own business Rochelle worked in TV production, mostly reality shows and worked as a Production Assistant, Clearance Assistant, and Assistant to the Producer.  “I really enjoyed television, it was fast-paced and certainly fun, but my health made me rethink my situation.  I was overworked and it took a toll on me” says Rochelle.  During that time, I’ve started my lash career and organically, my clients started to grow.  As I balanced both careers, my body told me I had to choose one. It was a hard pill swallow but It was the best decision I’ve made overall.”IW

Before and After. Image by The Lash Gallery.

“Do the hard things, until they become easy”

When asked about what she has overcome?  Rochelle said  “There will be a lot of things that will discourage you, continue to do your part, no matter how hard it gets.  Do not stop until you get to your goal. Success comes from consistency. So do the hard things, until they become easy. Trust the process but in the meantime focus on your personal growth and don’t allow any distractions from getting you to your next level.  The fun, will come along with it”

Before and After. Image by The Lash Gallery

After approximately 4 years of doing lashes on the side, she took a leap of faith and opened up her first location in Manhattan at 551 5th Avenue #525, NY, NY 10176.  The results were an immediate success.  She was consistently busy on a regular days and booked up during the Holidays.  So much so, that she opened up a second and third location in New Jersey, 93 Erie Street, Jersey City, NJ 07302 (Harsimus Cove) as well as her latest location in Millstone Township.

Think Rochelle is content with 3 locations?  Think again, she foresees The Lash Gallery expanding, going beyond just providing a beauty service, but evolving in other ways to contribute in finding solutions in the beauty industry.  “The Lash Gallery” has become a certain lifestyles for people, just like getting your hair colored and getting a manicure or a pedicure.

Image by The Lash Gallery

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Rochelle-Rona E. Magno, DAAM
Licensed & Double Advance Certified Xtreme Lash Artist / Phibrows Certified Artist / Diplomat of the AAM / Paramedical Professional​