NY Pricing

New Lash Client Form

The Eyelash Experience

Classic Full Lash Set
​(Consultation included)

Junior Stylist- $250
Master Stylist- $500

(up to 90-120 lashes per eye)

Classic Relash 
2-4 Weeks

Junior Stylist – $90
Master Stylist – $160

Volumizing Full Lash Set 
(Consultation included)

​Master Stylist – Diva Lashes – $500
(160-180 lashes per eye)
                           Red Carpet – $600
(240-300 lashes per eye)

Volumizing Relash 
2-4 Weeks

Master Stylist – Diva Lashes – $180
                         Red Carpet – $200

New Client Relash/ Correction
Starting at $175​

Extension Removal 

The Microblading Experience

Consultation $100 (30 minutes)
Initial and 1st Touch Up $800-$1200
Additional touch-up’s  $400+

Microblading Form

The Removal Experience

Cosmetic Tattoo Removal
Cosmetic Tattoo Removal $300+

Tattoo Removal Form

The Tinting Experience

Beautiful Brow Package
Waxing / Tweeting, Brow Shaping, Brow Tinting $50

The Facial Experience

Call Me Diva (for all skin)
This diva filled treatment includes skin analysis, cleansing, exfoliation and extractions. A basic therapy to bring back rejuvenation to your diva status skin. Boost your beauty-enhancement for a red carpet glow. ( inquire for additional options to address specific concerns) / 60 min $120

The Oxygen Facial (for eye blinding glow)
Wake up your skin with a breath of fresh air.  Includes a deep exfoliation and  oxygen spray filled with vitamins and antioxidant agents for an eye blinding glow. Ideal for overworked and dehydrated skin. / 75 min $175

Turn Back The Hands of Time (for youth seeker)
An age-defying treatments targets tone, fine lines, and wrinkles. Uncover the youth beneath your maturing skin. / 60 min $180

Pimple Me Out (for the problematic skin)
Say goodbye to enlarged, oil filled, blemished skin and hello to clear, brighter, soothed complexion. Includes oil dissolving peel, deep extractions, and calming pimple busting mask. / 60 min $160

Gentlemen Facial (for today’s man)
A rescue remedy for congested, overworked, dehydrated male skin. Increase circulation and energize your glow. Ideal for the hard working man. / 75 min $175

Billionaire on 5th (Five Star Treatment)
Detoxify with this over the top treatment includes a warm full herbal induced essential oil body wrap combined with skin analysis, deep cleansing, double exfoliation, pore purging extraction, topped with Roezen exclusive Caviar mask with a blast of a fresh air. Feel like a billionaire even if it’s for a day. / 90 min $350 NY

Mini Microdermabrasion
Get your fix in a flash. Includes cleansing and two passes of micro over the face and neck. / 30 min $130

Enhance your beauty (Add-On)

Retexturing Glycolic / Lactic Peel – $45
Targets fine lines and wrinkles. Illuminate your dry mature skin.  

Oil-dissolving Salicylic Peel – $45
Decongest with BHA while breaking down excess oil. Acne-prone or oily skin

Retinol Peel $90
Addresses hyper-pigmentation and signs of aging such as wrinkles and fine lines. Includes AHA, BHA, and retinol with a touch of hydrating sealant. 

Alpha Beta Peel $85
Exfoliates, smoothes, and reduces pores ,fine lines.

Microdermabrasion $75
Deep exfoliation to resurface and address uneven skin tone. Targets early sign of aging ( 2 passes for one area face, hands, neck, or decollete.

The Wax Experience

Remove unwanted hair with one of our painless no strip or strip hot wax 
(For best results hair growth should be ¼ inch long)

Brow Maintenance – $10 15min
Brow Shaping – $25 30min
Lip or Chin – $15 15min
Nose or ear – $15 15min
Cheeks or Sideburn – $15 15min
Underarm – $20 15min
Half Arm – $30 15min
Full Arm – $45 30min
Chest – $65 30min
Stomach – $30 15min
Half Back – $45 15min
Full Back – $75 30min
Upper Leg – $45 30min
Lower Leg – $35 15min
Full Leg – $60 45min
Cheeks (women) – $25 15min
Brazilian (strike a pose, ready for the birthday suit) NY/J – $55 30min
Bikin ( feeling modest) NY/J – $25 15min
Tight Bikini (not ready to go full force) NY/J – $35 15min
Mankini (outside the briefs) NY/J – $45 15min
Manzilian (between you and I, birthday suit is on) NY/J – $125 Promo $80 45min
Cheeks (men) NY/J – $40 15min
Extra Hair There NY/J – $15 15min

Bundles (Package)
Full Face (includes sideburns, chin, cheeks, upper & lower lip, eyebrows) – 45min $50 (saving $10)
Full leg / Brazillian – 75min $100 (saving of $15)
Full leg / Bikini – 60min $75 (savings of $10)
Full Leg / Tight Bikini – 60min $85 (savings of $10)
Upper Leg / Brazillian – 60min
Upper Leg / Bikini – 45min
Upper Leg / Tight Bikini – 45min