The Lash Gallery Changing The Face of Cancer

Bella NYC Magazine | March 20, 2015

Rochelle Magno, founder and lead stylist of the Lash Gallery, is helping cancer survivors regain their self-confidence with a glam experience. Rochelle is applying her knowledge of beauty techniques and services to uplift the self-image of cancer patients and survivors. Currently, Rochelle is developing a full package of signature eyelash beautification techniques and cosmetic experience for the brave women who are battling or have successfully battled cancer.

Rochelle began her endeavors in assisting cancer survivors in 2013 when a client approached her with beauty inquires for her lashes, which the client lost as a result of her chemotherapy. Rochelle remedied her client’s feelings of depression and distress by applying lashes and teaching her how to maintain eyebrow application, and other forms of makeup.

“Through working with cancer patients I realized how I could use my skill to change the lives of women who could use a break,” says Rochelle Magno. “Their bodies go through so much with chemotherapy and if makeup or eyelashes can make someone feel even 10 percent better about themselves, then that’s more than enough reasons to do it.”

Later this year, Rochelle will be heading a new campaign on behalf of the Lash Gallery for cancer patients and women with alopecia, which will be an all-new product line exclusively from the Lash Gallery that highlights a special beauty package. The package will consist of application demos, tools for application, and other useful techniques.