Eye Lash Stylist to the Stars, Rochelle Magno, Shows Cancer Survivors their Beauty, INSIDE & OUT!

PRLog (Press Release) – Feb. 24, 2014 – MANHATTAN, N.Y.

– Rochelle Magno hails as The Lash Gallery’s Lead Stylist and Consultant. Celebrities such as  Ramona Rizzo, Karen Graveno (Mobwives, VH1), Kesha Nichols, Eveyln Lozado (Basketballwives of Miami, VH1) and Angela Yee (The Gossip Game, VH1/ Power 105 personality)have her to thank for their superb eye work before each filmed confessional.

While rewarding financially, the feats aforementioned pale in comparison to her contributions on behalf of enhancing the beauty of Breast Cancer survivors.  Since 2012, Rochelle applies her knowledge and services to uplift their self-esteem as the beautiful women the are intended to be.

Cancer is an unfortunate occurrence in which survivors often feel they have no where to go…

Rochelle began her endeavors with a sole family whose 6 year old daughter befell the illness. Her eyelash extensions were used as a way to relax the mother, helping her to “put on a brave face” as she witnessed her daughter dealing with the emotional and physical turmoil of chemotherapy. This scenario showed Ms.Magno that she was providing so much more than a service. Rochelle became a vessel of positive reinforcement and motivation.

Winter 2013, a new client, Debi Mara, approached Rochelle with an inquiry as she was fighting through breast cancer therapy. The medical procedures were causing her follicles to shed. Eventually, sadly, Debi lost all her follicles. Rochelle remedied Debi’s feelings of depression and uneasiness by teaching her to apply strip lashes, eyeliner and other various forms of eyebrow application. Every strand brought the new client closer to her own ideal of normalcy, internally and externally.

Time progressed and word of her efforts continued to spread.  These attempts, in turn, continued to uplift spirits. Rochelle selflessly traversed into the darkest crevices most beauticians would hesitate or ignore, sadly.

Today, Rochelle Magno is a proud woman, raising clients self esteem by helping them to adapt through their ailment for the better, using her signature eye lash beautification techniques as the lead stylists of the Lash Gallery.

Later this year, Rochelle will be heading a new campaign on behalf of the Lash Gallery that is not limited to cancer patients but to all women. This would be an all new product line exclusively from the Lash Gallery that highlights the basic beauty package. A demo within a group or one or one setting, showcasing how to apply eyeliner, eyebrows and strip lashes. Such displays are customizable to the shape of the eye of the individual.