EmpowHer is Elevating the Health and Wellness of Women of Color

2020 has been the year no one will ever forget. Between Covid, politics and race, so much has occurred that it has left many people in a state of uncertainty and anxiety. With so many unexpected twists and turns, it has been difficult to get a grip of life, purpose and find peace in a situation that is foreign to everyone. How can can anyone be well with all the dramatic dynamics that we are experiencing?

This weekend, World Mental Day gave a chilling perspective and deeper understanding of how so many people and (women especially) are struggling to feel well and be well in our current crisis and climate. Social media posts were filled with confessions of depression and the anxiety that many women are facing during the pandemic. Research indicates that along with the pandemic, the disparities people of color face has an enormous impact on their wellness. In addition many Black women struggle with the stigma associated with mental health and therefore do not get the support they need. But true support is needed and required just to get through life and all the dynamics we are experiencing. Music executive, Real Estate Guru, and Philanthropist, Stephanie Jester is doing exactly this.

Affectionately known by her nickname, “Ms. J,” Stephanie has been mentoring women for as long as she can remember. Elevating the lives of women was an innate calling that began in ministry for her and has now transcended into a national outreach through her organization, EmpowHer. Ms. J created EmpowHer three years ago to facilitate her goal of helping women live their best lives. Ms. J is the COO of InTouch Properties and the astronomically successful global record label, Freebandz founded by her son, Nayvadius “Future” Wilburn. While this requires a lot of dedication- the powerful business executive is able to balance her work life and wellness as a mentor and a gardener. Ms. J truly prioritizes the emotional and mental wellness of women and positions them to reach their highest potential. “It’s all about helping another woman win; cheering HER on, praying for HER and sharing resources with HER,” she stated.

For the last three years, Ms. J has curated a healing and wellness retreat through EmpowHer. This year, the retreat was even more necessary and needed as the conversation of mental health amongst women has been a hot topic. What was was important for Ms. J was for EmpowHer to go beyond the conversation; implement action and plant the seed for overall wellness. “Planting the seed” was the theme for EmpowHer 2020 and every women rose to the occasion with the intention to bloom and grow. Ms. J and her staff created a memorable poignant experience that included therapy sessions, paint and sip, zumba, yoga and a fairytale garden party to remember. The ladies were also treated to a spectacular and relaxing product activation experience supported by brands who genuinely support women’s wellness. Ms J wanted all the women to adopt a healthier lifestyle that included the products that they consume.

The 2020 planting a seed activation experience focused on improving the health of women of color by introducing holistic products that heal rather then harm the body. The ladies were treated to Garners Garden; a holistic plant based natural skin and personal care line created by Philip Garner in 2012. Garner had one thing in mind when he created the line— make affordable, 100% organic skin care that heals and balances the body so people can feel great about themselves. Garners Garden has now become a national household name and favorite amongst celebs and the media and now features the best oral, facial and body care. Kumani Auset of Lifestyle with Kumani sought to preserve the creativity that lies in the womb of every woman and provided herbal infused chemical free sanitary napkins and pads that reduce the discomfort and pain of women’s cycles.

For those moments of anxiety, Sweets CBD shared their own ideas of relaxation with pre-rolls and sunflower packages. Sweets CBD founder, Chrystin Bunion extended her line in a new capsule partnership with Anastasia Bailey (Co-Founder of Vitality.) The two best friends curated “The Sweets x Vitality collab,” collection to commemorate their friendship and devotion to selfcare, “We created The Chillspace to give our customers a one of a kind product that helps to encourage mindfulness and self-care,” stated Chrystin. “We want to expand people’s idea of what self-love looks like and how to incorporate it into their everyday lives.”

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The Lash/ Lip Gallery incorporated their love to keep women’s lips moist, dewy and soft with their in-demand one of a kind lip gloss. With three locations in New York City, Millstone Township, and Jersey City, the lash gallery is a popular beauty studio that offers an array of services including semi-permanent lash extensions, Keratin lash lifts, brow tinting, microblading, facial waxing, and permanent cosmetic makeup. Founder/ Owner -Rochelle-R. E. Magno is a woman that has been a beautiful light to women and is known for her dedication to cancer patients. She has worked with several clients who have undergone chemotherapy, and want to build upon their thinning eyelashes and brows.

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Like the Lash Gallery, the incomparable Blue Sage Eco Boutique was founded by Christina Arenas in 2013 to promote personal growth, peace, and prosperity. Arenas’ organic and refreshing product line includes all-natural, hand-poured soy candles made with essential oils, premium fragrance oils, and love. With degrees in business management and global sustainability, Christina is dedicated to sharing her knowledge and experience regarding sustainable business models, reducing environmental impact, and intention-based goal-setting to further earth-friendly, sustainable connections across communities.

Because the women of EmpowHer deserve the finest things-even when it comes to chocolate… Milène Jardine Chocolatier was the only choice for Ms. J and the Empowher women. As the country’s premier luxurious chocloatier, Milène Jardine offers artisanal, international chocolate inspired by her personal mantra: Live by Love. After exploring over 35 countries and meeting inspirational people every step of the way, she believes in the healing power of food, of connection, and of love. The vision is to celebrate the beauty of diversity through chocolate. Each bar contains the finest natural ingredients from France along with exotic herbs and spices that heal and soothe the body. JoJo’s Seasoning a line curated be celebrity chef, JoJo Davis made sure every woman left with her special seasoning that brings life to every dish. “Wellness is internal and includes the experience we have with food, which should be a loving one,” said Chef JoJo. Glamoured Eventstopped off the Garden party table with their B. Chanel tea light mini candles in nine different alluring fragrances. Capri Chyna Smith of Chynathemua provided beautifully packaged lashes to top off the personal on the go beauty beat from Try Dashing, Dashing brings personalized in-home beauty, styling, and grooming to your door from a pool of professional specializing in luxury care.

Speakers at EmpowHer 2020 included therapists, Gbubemi Uwaifo and Deshona Charles of Affirm Wellness Yoga Master Nikki Green of Yoga at a Glance, Mindset Strategist, Taylor Bell, Zumba Specialist, Kayla J Mack, Sip and Paint company, Misty Golden of Masterpiece & Mimosas and Chef Nikki Bell who catered the food. If you are in need of support, join EmpowHer here.